12 Tragically Sad Moments From the Internet You Won't Ever Forget

CH StaffDecember 23, 2016


Everyone has their share of sad, depressing moments - low points in our lives that we would like to forget, if possible. And that's the real cruel trick of the internet - it preserves everything, from our greatest successes to our most awful failures. It NEVER lets us forget. And not only that, but it often BROADCASTS our saddest moments to the entire world...

These are some of those moments. Just a warning: a few of these WILL break you.

1. Slow 'n steady wins you...nothing.


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2. It IS a little depressing to watch a gold bar get crushed to entertain kids on YouTube when you could use that money to help out your troubled father, but YouTube comments are probably not the best place for this stuff. Just type "FIRST!!" and move on.


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3. This is so depressing, I won't even correct his spelling of "personal."


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4. No one went to Julius' party. No one liked any of his Facebook statuses. JULIUS NEEDS OUR HUGS.


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5. Sorry Grandma.


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6. Well...nice try at lightening things up again, Jerry.


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7. Dude, just say "puppy."


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8. Here's one Nemo that can't be found :(


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9. A picture says a thousand words. This does too but it's just "Sorry Jamie..." over and over.


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10. Excuse me but I am now flying to Japan to hug this poor guy forever.


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11. Oh god. Oh god no. Don't post this to Facebook. Please.


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12. Bet you didn't think you could get emotionally devastated from a penguin fight, huh? WELL THINK AGAIN.