10 Terrifying Butt Tattoos That Basically Say "Instant Regret"

Hannah GrantDecember 7, 2016

If you're debating whether or not that joke tattoo you want to get is worth it, let us be the first to say NO. NO IT'S NOT.

A unicorn with a dick for a horn may seem funny now, but trust us, it's not gonna be all that humorous when Jr. is bouncing on your knee asking what it is. Poor Jr. 

1. Even satan doesn't want her on his side.


via  thedirektor

2. Roaches are probably the least surprising thing in his ass.


via  wingingitinmotown

3. Maybe she's a never nude.


via  roach87

4. He'll have grandma's hands on his ass forever, good job you dumb baby.


via  teamjimmyjoe

5. But why? Dr. Phil?! I'm so upset.


via  deletedtattoo


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