When Your Prime Minister F*cks With Your Comedy

CollegeHumor AustraliaOctober 7, 2015

Our Joke PM just spoiled a bunch of jokes, and may have started #UniSpill

ANU Arts Revue ADFA

In a world … 

… where University Students perform cutting satirical sketch comedy in shows inexplicably known as Revues.

… where those Universities and their students are located in Canberra.

… and where Tony Abbott is Prime Minister.

There is only one possible outcome:

THE GAME OF TONES - a scathing satirical roasting of the country's leadership. 

Game of Tones Banner

So what do you do when the weird old men who hang around campus (a.k.a. the Federal Liberal Party) see your awesome poster, and steal it - removing the Prime Minister and the punch line from so many of your jokes?

ANU Revue LibSpill

Learn From The #LibSpill

You steal an idea straight back! In this case the signature politician's move: You turn on your own. So you whip up a quick University Recruitment Campaign all your own.

ANU Recruitment 1

ANU Recruitment 2ANU Recruitment 3ANU Arts Revue Game of Tones runs 7-10 October at the Canberra Theatre Centre. Tickets Here


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